My Wife Gets Flowers - Finally!

My wife says that I never buy her flowers. I'll be honest they've not cheap and they don't usually last more than a week.  When my friend sent me the Instagram page for 1 Year Roses -  I thought this was the perfect solution!  I picked the Royal Blue which is her favourite colour and had them delivered on the Saturday as a surprise.  Plus I knew the Royal Blue would look really nice in our new apartment!

Blue 1 Year Roses

In the gift card, I had the message "Now you have flowers every week!".

gift card 1 year roses

She loved the 1 Year Roses, especially as she doesn't have to water them or anything. She's had them for 5 months now, and since then she's not once said you never buy me flowers! Thank you guys for your help!

 "Royal Blue 1 Year Roses" Ordered by Ricky, Glasgow, Scotland 22/01/17