Real Roses That Last A Year With No Watering.
Suede Love Heart Drawer - Lasts 1 year

Suede Love Heart Drawer - Lasts 1 year

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Our Suede Heart Drawer arrangement is the perfect way to show that special person just how much you care.

Our Suede Heart Drawer arrangement contains 11-12 of our One Year Roses with a drawer at the bottom of the arrangement. It's perfect for adding an extra surprise or storing your favorite jewelry or make-up. 

You can make your bouquet that extra special by adding a personal message inside the lid. 

The roses will last for at least 1 year providing your arrangement is kept out of direct sunlight, excessive heat, and any moisture. 

This makes a perfect gift and is guaranteed to impress as all our roses last for one year.

Comes with:

  • A greeting card with personalised message sealed with our stamp.

No maintenance or watering is needed with One Year Roses. Simply take the lid of your bouquet and enjoy.