Roses - For The Perfect Proposal.

Proposal Roses That Last 1 Year

"I wanted something really special and unique to propose to my girlfriend. I found 1 Year Roses on Google and I knew they would be perfect. I went for the Romantic Red Roses and picked next day delivery.

Real Roses that last 1 year

As promised my roses arrived the next day - but I was too nervous to propose.  I decided to hide my roses box in my wardrobe until the following week for our romantic weekend in the hotel I'd booked.  We went for dinner and when we got back to the room, I had left the ring just on top of the roses, it looked beautiful.  The perfect surprise!

Proposal ring  

My wife loved the roses and couldn't believe that they last 1 year. Of course, she said "yes!".  However, I will warn you these roses are addictive.My wife has already started hinting that she wants the pink colour for her birthday next month now!"

"Romantic Red 1 Year Roses" Ordered by Giovanni, Manchester, England. 28/04/17

Wedding Red Roses That Last 1 year


Signature Round Box In White With Paris Pink Roses. 


"My beautiful roses are now sat on my bedside and I am one happy girl waking up to beautiful roses each morning, it's a good way to start the day I say!"

"Overall I'm one very very happy girl and very grateful for 1 year roses for their amazing and professional service, I would highly recommend to all of my family and friends they do make the perfect gift or even a treat for yourself!"

Danielle Samantha Watson


Last Minutes Roses

"It was my girlfriends 30th coming up, and as usual I'd left getting her a present till the day before... Yes, I know typical man some might say! I knew for her 30th I'd need to get her something special. Luckily for me, that evening my sister sent me the Instagram page for you guys.  I was so glad 1 Year Roses had next day delivery - that was me sorted!

purple 1 year roses

 I ordered the "Perfect Purple Roses" with diamantes in which would were a nice touch.   They came with a card so I could write my personal message inside.

Gift Card 1 year Roses

The roses arrived the next day (her birthday) at her office. I know for a fact that she loved the big fuss of having this beautiful big box of roses delivered! She loved them so much that I had to order her another box so she had one at home and one for her desk at work.

"Perfect Purple 1 Year Roses" Ordered by Kevin, Yorkshire, England 07/05/17


My Wife Gets Flowers - Finally!

My wife says that I never buy her flowers. I'll be honest they've not cheap and they don't usually last more than a week.  When my friend sent me the Instagram page for 1 Year Roses -  I thought this was the perfect solution!  I picked the Royal Blue which is her favourite colour and had them delivered on the Saturday as a surprise.  Plus I knew the Royal Blue would look really nice in our new apartment!

Blue 1 Year Roses

In the gift card, I had the message "Now you have flowers every week!".

gift card 1 year roses

She loved the 1 Year Roses, especially as she doesn't have to water them or anything. She's had them for 5 months now, and since then she's not once said you never buy me flowers! Thank you guys for your help!

 "Royal Blue 1 Year Roses" Ordered by: Ricky, Glasgow, Scotland 22/01/17


Baby Blue Roses - Newborn Present!

"I wanted to buy a special gift for my sister when I found out that she was pregnant. This was the first time I was going to be an Auntie and wanted to get her something unique and special.

blue for a boy, pink for a girl roses

I had seen 1 Year Roses on Instagram and now was my excuse to order some!  As soon as I found out she was pregnant I knew this was the perfect occasion. Once she told me she was having a boy I decided on the Baby Blue roses.

Baby Blue Roses

I ordered them a few weeks before my nephew was due that way when I got the call to say she was in labour I would have them ready. I was able to keep them in the box till I needed them. My sister absolutely loved them and they look beautiful in his nursery.  Thank you so much guys!"

"Baby Blue" Ordered by Chloe, Windsor, England 12/04/17


A Treat For Myself - Why Not Buy Roses?

"With my work, I travel a lot so if I rarely buy flowers for home as I feel guilty that they'll often go to waste. As I might be at home for a few days and then away for a week. By the time I get back they have died. But I LOVE real flowers in the you can see the dilemma! 

1 Year Roses White Roses

When I heard about 1 Year Roses I thought the roses couldn't possibly be real. However, after reading some more info on the website I couldn't believe that I didn't know about these gems sooner!

White Roses last for 1 Year

I couldn't wait to order the Winter White for the lounge in my apartment. They look stunning and people always comment on how beautiful they are.

Peach and white 1 year roses

I'm thinking about ordering the Perfect Peach or the Paris Pink for my bedroom. It's so hard to decide as I want them all!"

"Winter White" Ordered by Heather, Washington, USA 09/03/17"



Roses For Our Business - WOW!

I run my own business, a small hair salon in West London. I love to have fresh flowers in the salon. But they can work out quite expensive when you have to change them every week. A client had mentioned 1 Year Roses to me and when I finally got round to looking at the website I couldn't believe it.

1 Year Roses

I normally spend around £45 every 10 days. So you can imagine how much money I'd saved our business. Plus they never wilt and always look perfect. Clients often comment on how beautiful the roses look. I'm sure you guys will be getting some new orders from here soon!"

"Deep Red" Ordered by Sammy, Watford, England 09/06/17"


Treat Yourself - I Sure Did!

"I like to treat myself to flowers, but always feel guilty spending that much money on something that just ends up going in the bin a few days later. I saw some of the beautiful bouquets on 1 Year Roses' Instagram and decided to treat myself to the Rose Gold Roses.

Rose Gold 1 Year Roses

Now I get to enjoy beautiful roses for the whole year for less than £2 a week...(less than a coffee!!!!)...... They have really lifted the space in my home and I always get great feedback from friends! What a "super find!"

Rose Gold Roses That Last 1 Year

 "Rose Gold" Ordered by Emily, Muswell Hill, England 28/04/17"


Get Better Soon Roses For Grandma

"My Grandma has been really poorly in and out of hospital recently and her favourite flower are peach roses. When she was younger my Grandad would always bring her home a single white rose once a week. So I sent my Grandma a White Box with the peach roses so each time she comes home from the hospital there are her favourite peach roses waiting for her. It makes her smile every time.

Peach 1 Year Roses

"Perfect Peach" Ordered by Harry, Hammersmith, England 08/02/17"