Roses - For The Perfect Proposal.


Proposal Roses That Last 1 Year

"I wanted something really special and unique to propose to my girlfriend. I found 1 Year Roses on Google and I knew they would be perfect. I went for the Romantic Red Roses and picked next day delivery.

Real Roses that last 1 year

As promised my roses arrived the next day - but I was too nervous to propose.  I decided to hide my roses box in my wardrobe until the following week for our romantic weekend in the hotel I'd booked.  We went for dinner and when we got back to the room, I had left the ring just on top of the roses, it looked beautiful.  The perfect surprise!

Proposal ring 

My wife loved the roses and couldn't believe that they last 1 year. Of course, she said "yes!".  However, I will warn you these roses are addictive.My wife has already started hinting that she wants the pink colour for her birthday next month now!"

Wedding Red Roses That Last 1 year

"Romantic Red 1 Year Roses" Ordered by: Giovanni, Manchester, England. 28/04/17