Twin Flame Enchanted Rose - Lasts 1 Year

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Bring some magic into your home with our Twin Flame Enchanted Rose.

The Twin Flame Enchanted rose has two beautiful real roses in full bloom. The two roses can be symbolic of the love between a couple or the special bond between parent and child. 

The Twin Flame Enchanted Rose comes in a glass jar with a dark wooden base and fallen rose petals.

The Twin Flame Enchanted Rose has two real roses that last for at least one year with no watering.

This makes a perfect gift and is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression for that special person as all our roses last for 1 year.

Our Twin Flame Enchanted Rose comes with:

  • A greeting card with personalised message sealed with our stamp
  • Option to add a personalised engraved plaque 

The Twin Flame Enchanted Rose will last for at least 1 year providing your arrangement is kept out of direct sunlight, excessive heat, and any moisture. 

No maintenance or watering is needed with One Year Roses.